Tetra Pak Sustainability update 2012

HIV/AIDs in Africa

HIV/AIDS affects our markets and local communities. In 2011, there were 12 Tetra Pak employees living with HIV in South Africa and Kenya, and 92% of employees responding to an internal survey in Kenya knew people living with the virus.

Working with HIV/AIDs

We've been an active supporter of SWHAP, the Swedish Workplace HIV and AIDS programme, since 2005. A joint initiative of the International Council of Swedish Industry (NIR), Swedish Industrial and Metalworkers’ Union (IF Metall) and a number of Swedish companies with operations in Africa, SWHAP helps companies in Africa raise awareness and manage HIV/AIDS in the workplace.

The programme includes policy formulation, awareness-raising, employee training, and engaging peer educators to discuss HIV/AIDS with colleagues. It also provides counselling and testing, and support to HIV-positive employees.

Engagement programmes are developed by local HIV/AIDS committees made up of management and employees. In Kenya, outreach is also provided to family members. For example, a drug and HIV/AIDS awareness session was held for teenage children of company employees, and 600 people participated in family days in 2009. In 2011, to commemorate the World AIDS Day, Tetra Pak Kenya had a joint activity with SWHAP linked companies, which included a visit to an orphanage for children with HIV/AIDS and a campaign to secure donations of clothes, toys and food.

In future, we aim to mentor suppliers to help them set up their own programmes.